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Individuals and families alike who live in and around Burlington, MA understand well how important it is to look one’s best. Fortunately, there exists a wonderful variety of established Cosmetic Dentistry professionals in Burlington that provide both knowledgeable service and exceptional value. Cosmetic dentistry procedures incorporate aspects of general dentistry and aesthetics. Clinics offering Cosmetic dentists in Burlington, MA offer all the services provided by traditional family dentists, while at the same time encouraging the maintenance and enhancement of patients’ dental work for purposes of appearance. Providing such specialized care requires advanced training and knowledge of specific dental materials. Practitioners of cosmetic dentistry in Burlington, MA possess extensive experience using the latest in composite, ceramic, and chemical technologies. These skills and tools allow them to offer dental work that is both aesthetically pleasing and designed to last a lifetime.

For people in Burlington, MA who are considering procedures such as veneers, stain removal, teeth bleaching, bonding, dental implants , and invisible fillings, a certified clinic specializing in cosmetic dentistry is the preferred choice. These dentists may also incorporate aspects of orthodontics into their service offerings. A number of alternatives to traditional braces are currently on the market, and have proven to be effective and far less obtrusive to patients. For some, a comprehensive approach to cosmetic dentistry is taken, where an individual can “design” their smile with a Burlington, MA professional. This strategy incorporates many aspects of a person’s overall appearance, including bone structure, age, facial shape, and qualities of their desired image. Some patients may want not only healthy teeth and gums, but a look that conveys qualities such as sophistication, maturity, and intelligence. Cosmetic dentistry providers in Burlington, MA are willing to work alongside individuals, tailoring their treatment to go above and beyond normal dental care.

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Implants Rather Than Dentures

Some Burlington, MA, patients may believe if they lose any of their “adult” teeth that dentures—either partial or complete—are the only option available. That, however, is not true. Not only are dental implants a possible alternative to dentures, they are also in many ways a superior one for people in Burlington, MA.

Because most dentures are removable, they present some problems. Removable restorations can be misplaced, and if not found, will need to be replaced, which can be costly. Adhesive may not be sufficient to keep them in place. Loose dentures can be annoying at best and potentially hugely embarrassing. Permanent restorations like dental implants do not share these hazards. Because they can’t be removed, they can’t be misplaced, and the likelihood of accidentally spitting out your teeth is extremely low!

When dentures do not fit well or are not sufficiently adhered to gums, they can make chewing difficult. Biting down can cause the fixture to slip, and even slight tooth movement can disrupt a meal. However, dental implants are fixed firmly to your jaw bones, rather than simply adhered to gums. In this way they are very similar to your natural teeth. With strong roots to anchor them, dental implants enable you to chew on whatever it is you crave.

Another concern of Burlington, MA, patients that arises from the use of dentures as replacements for natural teeth is bone loss. Your jaw bone acts as a foundation for the roots of your natural teeth. When these are gone, your body may assume that there is no more need for that foundation, leading your jaw to atrophy. If dental implants are used instead, your body will recognize that something still needs that strong foundation, and atrophy will be avoided.

Call our Burlington, MA, office today to find out how dental implants can benefit you.

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Dentists Keep Us Healthy One Tooth At a Time

Nearly everyone in Burlington, MA, has been to a dentist at least once in their lives. Most people go several times, and those who really want to take good care of their teeth visit their Burlington, MA, dentist at least every six months. Archeologists have discovered evidence that dentistry has been practiced for over 9000 years, with ancient dentists attempting to cure dental problems through extraction, drilling, and even implants and dentures. Aristotle mentioned dentists treating tooth and gum disease, and in the Middle Ages physicians often treated certain illnesses by extracting teeth. It is clear that dentistry has a long history. So what is it about a dentist that makes him such an important part of our lives?

One thing dentists do for us is encourage and assist us with good dental hygiene. By keeping our teeth clean, we can prevent a multitude of health concerns, including gum disease, cardiovascular problems, and more. We are all probably familiar with cavities, whether we’ve experienced them firsthand or not. Minor cavities can be easily cleaned out and filled if they are caught early. However, the longer a cavity is allowed to go without treatment, the more likely it is to cause problems. If a tooth decays enough to expose the nerve, it can become very painful. The infection can even spread and, if left unchecked, even cause death! Fortunately, if you visit the dentist frequently, he will be able to identify cavities and stop them from causing more than minor irritation. Even better, these regular visits can ensure that your teeth are healthy and strong enough to avoid cavities altogether.

A healthy smile means a healthy, happy you. Dr. Tang is here to help you maintain that healthy smile. Call our Burlington, MA, office at 781-272-5080 to schedule your six month check up today!

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Back to the Basics with Proper Teeth Cleaning and Prevention

Cleaning and prevention are the most important aspects of good dental care. While fillings, root canals, and extractions are sometimes necessary, the best way for patients in Burlington, MA, to take care of their teeth is through good dental hygiene—regular tooth cleaning and prevention techniques. Tooth cleaning and prevention of dental problems start at home. Tang Dental, located in Burlington, MA, can provide regular scheduled, extremely thorough cleanings, but between these visits you must do what you can to take care of your teeth. This means brushing after every meal, flossing regularly, and limiting the sticky, sugary foods you eat. This kind of regular cleaning and prevention is one of the best tools you have to avoid dental decay.

When you do visit Tang Dental, there are a few cleaning and prevention techniques you can expect to be used, and all are done with gentle care. Plaque and tartar will be removed using special tools which are able to reach places your toothbrush might be missing. Once your teeth have been cleaned, they will be polished to remove any residual plaque and stains. Fluoride treatments to strengthen the enamel of your teeth and further prevent damage may also be recommended. X-rays to examine your teeth more thoroughly are also a critical component of good dental hygiene. Soft spots and cavities that may be invisible at first glance will show up on x-rays, enabling you and Dr. Tang to catch and fix problems before they escalate.

Some patients may need more than just regular cleaning to prevent dental disease and decay. If your dental hygienist recommends that you take other preventative measures, such as using a fluoridated mouthwash, be sure to include them in your routine. To find out more ways you can keep your smile healthy and beautiful, call our office at 781-272-5080 for a free consultation.

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Something to Smile About

A lot of Burlington residents might think that cosmetic dentistry is only for those with shockingly misshapen teeth or for the extremely vain. However, this is not the case. Cosmetic dentistry is not about stroking people’s vanity or about turning ugly ducklings into gorgeous swans. It’s about making sure that every patient loves his or her smile. Sometimes this can require a major dental makeover, but usually the changes made through cosmetic dentistry are much more subtle. If you have ever felt less than 100% confident about your smile, Dr. Tang has the tools and the knowledge to change that.

Tooth whitening is a fairly non-invasive procedure that can make a major difference in the appearance of your smile. You can get a much brighter, more dazzling smile, simply by removing stains or lightening teeth a shade or two.

For those who have a damaged or broken tooth, a crown or veneer may be the solution to restore their smiles back to their original beauty. These restorations not only protect the injured tooth from being further damaged, but they also mask imperfections with minimal impact on your bite, leaving your smile flawless.

Burlington residents with major concerns about their teeth may want to look into more dramatic cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as dental implants. They are a great option for anyone who has misshapen, broken, or even missing teeth. They can also serve well for someone who wishes to alter their smile remarkably. Dental implants are essentially artificial replacements for your natural teeth. They include roots which are implanted into your jaw bone to anchor them as permanently as a natural tooth, and a customized restoration which is designed to match the rest of your teeth precisely.

No matter what procedure you choose, cosmetic dentistry can give any Burlington patient a good reason to smile!

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