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Traditionally, dental care has been focused on fixing problems after they happen. That means filling cavities, restoring broken teeth, and other dental solutions.

Our philosophy is different

While restorative dentistry is important and necessary, we believe that the best kind of dental care is concentrated on improving each patient’s overall oral health. We use a risk assessment approach to dentistry, which allows us to reliably predict and prevent problems before they occur. Through our use of a long term health model, our patients are often able to avoid painful and often costly reparative procedures. As we help you lower your risk of dental decay and disease, we enable you to achieve the healthiest smile possible.

What we don’t believe in is “one size fits all” dentistry. Every patient is unique, and so is every patient’s smile. Our staff works hard to identify your individual dental needs and find the best solutions for you. By working together, we can improve your oral health through proven methods that will ensure your comfort and satisfaction. You and your smile deserve it.

Schedule your appointment today to take advantage of our customized care. We look forward to giving you something to smile about!

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