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Teeth Whitening (Model)The Power of KöR Deep Bleaching

Everyone wants a bright white smile that they can be excited to share with everyone around them. We use KöR Deep Bleaching because it will provide you with incredible results. After you visit us for a consultation with cosmetic dentist Dr. Tang, we can create custom-fit trays for your unique smile to make it as white as possible. You’ll visit again to learn all about how to use the whitening system properly, and then you can wear your deep bleaching trays at home. The safe but powerful formula will restore your teeth’s ability to absorb oxygen, which will dissolve all of the stain molecules in the teeth and give you a glowing smile. You will return for a follow-up visit with Dr. Tang to ensure that you are getting optimal whitening results.

Advantages of KöR Deep Bleaching

When you visit us to use KöR Deep Bleaching for teeth whitening, here are some of the advantages you’ll enjoy:

Long Lasting Results | KöR Deep Bleaching is made to be a permanent solution for whiter teeth. If you ever feel like you need a touch-up, we can provide easy at-home maintenance options.
Perfectly Safe | The system has been thoroughly studied to make sure it is harmless to use. Our patients have seen great success with KöR.
Improvement for All Ages | Younger teeth whiten more easily, but our deep bleaching method can make amazing whitening improvements to even the oldest and most stained teeth.
Sixteen Shades | KöR Deep Bleaching goes above and beyond the normal whitening average–it often whitens teeth up to 16 shades or more.
Still Natural | Don’t worry–even after your teeth are 16 shades lighter, they will still look like your teeth. Your teeth will appear real and natural–just whiter and brighter!
Whiten in Comfort | Our teeth whitening trays are thin and are custom-fit to your teeth, so you will hardly notice that they’re there. KöR also uses a low-sensitivity bleaching formula so that you can enjoy maximum comfort while working on your perfect smile.

We love to give our patients the dazzling smiles of their dreams. Give Tang Dental a call today to start brightening your teeth.

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